The Strasser Method
and other Barefoot "Pioneers"

"Thoughts on the Strasser Method and other Barefoot Pioneers"
By Carola Adolf NEP/fSHP

Dr. Hiltrud Strasser is a German Veterinarian who has developed a complete model for the holistic care of horses in a domestic environment.
Her recommendations can reduce a number of health problems that seem to "plague" equines in our care all over the world but are literally unknown in wild horses or those who enjoy a natural lifestyle.
Other "barehoof pioneers", like Jamie Jackson have come to very similar conclusions, as the healthy "natural" horse is always the model for successful barefooting.

Dr. Strasser's work is based on 30 plus years of research and rehabilitative hoofcare in her clinic in Tuebingen, Germany. Others have come to their conclusions, watching and observing wild and ferral horses and defining the qualities and attributes of healthy hooves and ideal living conditions. When applying the qualities and attributes of  healthy hooves found in wild horses to their domestic cousins, lameness issues (even diagnosed "uncurable" in traditional terms), can be reversed and brought back to soundness.Countless case studies and success stories speak for themselves.

When providing a natural,  horse-appropriate lifestyle, horses thrive. They are physically and mentally more balanced, are healthy and alert and are therefore a delight to work with. 

Trimming horse's hooves to naturally "ideal standards" as found and defined by our modern day barehoof experts, can prevent most soundness related problems in domestic horses.
Dr. Strasser's has put her understanding and findings all together in one package: The "Strasser Method" is "holistic".
Her understanding of rehabilitative trimming is imo. unsurpassed. However: Her method, which is often misunderstood and applied incorrectly  should only be practised by individuals who fully understand her teachings! 

Dr. Strasser has recorded her findings in a number of books and articles, which have been translated into English by Sabine Kells who has co-authored "The Hoofcare Specialist's Handbook: Hoof Orthopedics and Holistic Lameness Rehabilitation", which is an amazing and unique textbook.
It is well known that modern day barefoot experts have all invested in this invaluable piece of literature and freely quote from it in their teachings and seminars - unfortunately however,  most  modern "Gurus" deny her the credit she deserves for her work.

Dr. Strasser and her designated teachers, as well as other concerned and well informed lecturers that followed her example, educate people all over the world now through "Basic Hoofcare Seminars and Workshops" where correct hoof form, function and all aspects of a natural lifestyle will be discussed.
These are usually "eye-opener" seminar that no horse owner should miss.

There are a number of "copy-cat" seminar providers - some more popular than others -  in Australia now.
Even though a reasonable introduction to hoofcare can often be provided by them, please check out their own education background and accreditations before you enrol in any costly courses, as many of these providers have only got  20 days or even less  of any kind of training and neither their knowledge nor skill had ever been assessed!

Note that  caters for those of you who would learn more and acquire a deeper insight into the healing of hoof problems as an ongoing or advanced education opportunity.

The more people know about holistic principles as they apply to equine health and hoofcare, the more people will give their horses the ultimate present: Soundness and Health for Life!

For more information on Barehoof Care education, please email me and I will recommend a genuine edcation provider who can fulfill your requirements, whatever they may be:
I am involved in providing quality education through short seminars for owners and professionals,  as well as professional certification courses!
Dr Strasser
* Carola  successfully completed the full Strasser education in June 2003, but has decided for personal reasons not to renew her license with the Strasser organization.
Having continued her studies, she now works  as a "Naturopathic Equine Podiatrist" (NEP),
Hoofcare Coach and Professional Educator.
The original Strasser Australia
SHP Class at P1 in Melbourne.
Summer 2002