Zoe Dekraker  (trimming/red light acupoint stimulation)
South Gippsland area              
Phone: 0410 502 643                            (non pathological only)
Email: nag86@hotmail.com
HERBALIST  (nation wide):
HOOFCARE PROVIDERS   familiar with physiologically correct barefoot trimming -  please request specifically if your hoofcare provider is one of the  farrier s listed below!)

Naturopathic Equine Podiatrists (Support level),
Wholistic Practitioners and other resources

Leigh Martin, NEP ( & TAFE graduate)
(Mountain River)
Phone: 0410 55 99 28 or 6266 4439
Email: performancehoofcare@yahoo.com.au

Neil Henry   (holistic approach)
Student Cert III Equinehoofcare Practitioner
All Western Districts (Apollo Bay, Colac etc)
Will travel
Phone: 03 52 375214
Derek Amos  (Master farrier)
Adelaide Hills, Willunga
Phone:  0412 991 964  or  08  8323 7439
Equine Healthcare Professionals:
Alternative practitioners are part of the team to keep our equines healthy and happy.  If you have something to offer to improve the wellbeing of horses and ponies, please contact me. I would be happy to list you here.

(Note: If you are interested to be listed as  hoofcare provider (support level), I must be satisfied that your work fulfills the required standard and that you have done at least one trimming clinic with me and also consult with me on an ongoing basis.)
Catherine Bird (Herbalist, Consultations and support treatments)
Kelley Walker, Equine Myofunctional Threapist, Cranial Sacral, Bioscan
(also familiar with basic physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof philosophies)
(will travel interstate, lectures, articles)
Phone: 0427 962 552
Website: www.Performancehorsetherapies.com.au
Email: kelleywalker@bigpond.com
more added soon
Greg Cooper  (Master farrier)
Ballarat/Stawell area
Phone: 0427 155 508

Jim Larsen (Master farrier - retired ADVISE ONLY))     0408 819 035  or  08 8188 1188

Dayle Potton (HUMAN (!) and Equine) Cranial Sacral, Reiki and more
(also familiar with basic physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof philosophies )
(Hahndorf, but will travel to Equines)
Phone: 08 839 84 870

Mary House EMT, Cranial Sacral 
(also familiar with basic physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof trimming)
(will travel)
Phone: 0407 979 954

Monika Haller (HUMAN (!) and Equine) Cranial Sacral, Energy Healing, Homeopathics
(also familiar with basic physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof philosophies)
Woodend, but will travel. Phone consultations.
Phone: 0407 521 397  or   03 54270565
Email: monika@megalink.com.au
Heather-Bell's  (HUMAN (!) and Equine) Myofunctional Therapy
Phone: 0425 813 716   or   03 9509 5838
Email: heat.hill@optusnet.com.au
Michele Jalland EMT, Equine Therapist, Equine Sport Massage, Reiki 
(also familiar with basic physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof philosophies)
Brisbane Southside (but will travel)
Phone: 0414 946 904
Email: m.t.jalland@bigpond.com
Bree Schammer, Equine Myofunctional Thearapist
(also familiar with basic physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof philosophies)
(servicing Geelong, Bellarine Peninsular and surrounding districts)
Phone: 0422 712 135
Website: t.b.a.
Email: BREESCHAMMER@bigpond.com
Julie Wright EMT, - Member EMTA
(also familiar with physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof philosophies. Sucessful barefoot endurance rider)
Servicing Sydney and Surrounds
Phone: 0408 245 939
Email: hands_on_horses@yahoo.com.au

Equine Massage Therapy and Acupressure (Andrea)
(also familiar with basic physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof philosophies)
(servicing Warrnambool and districts, will travel) Over 12 years experience .
Phone: 0400 491285
Bob Masters   (Barehoof trimmer, Horse appraisals, Horse Transport)
Will travel, incl. day trips to more remote areas, please make inquiries
Phone: 0417 576 540
Email: goanna_bob@hotmail.com
Below is a list of professionals equine healthcare providers who will be able to support you in your quest to provide good
holistic healthcare for your horse.
Please note that the hoofcare providers on this list have done at least a barehoof-care introduction workshop with me and therefore I am happy to recommend their service according to their level of skill. (I will and have remove(d) names if the privilege of being listed here has been abused)

Ron Oldenbeuving  (Farrier)
Will travel most areas, reliable and patient. All equines, great or small.
Phone: 0427 076 948
Email: ron.oldenbeuving@bigpond.com
Glenn Wilson
Hooves Naturally
149 Waterfall Creek Rd
Tallangatta Valley  VIC  3701
Phone: 02 6071 0210 - 0418 991 680
Email: waterfallcreek@bigpond.com

Steve Maiden 
(also familiar with basic physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof philosophies )
Maidendale Equine Bowen Therapy
Willunga but will travel
Phone: 0413 655 517
Email: maidendale@picknowl.com.au
Rebecca Booth
Elementals Equine Therapies Pty Ltd
Equine Sports Therapy, Laser Therapy, Equine Acupressure
Energy healing/Reiki, Nutritional supplements, Joint supplements
Dried Herbal supplies, Tissue Salts
Phone:  02 4631 1148    Mobile: 0419  003 530
Email:  rebecca@elementals.com.au
Website:  www.elementals.com.au

Yuna Rickard  (trimming & red light acupoint stimulation)
East Gippsland Hoof Care
Servicing Orbost, Cann River, Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale & all in between
Phone:  03 5154 2797    Mobile:  0410 025 529
Email: yunarickard@activ8.net.au
web: www.geocities.com/yunaspage

Zarna Carter,  qualified Homoeopath, Herbalist and Ortho-Bionomy® practitioner.
(also familiar with basic physiologically correct hoofcare and barehoof philosophies)
Castlemaine area, but will travel locally/interstate and o/s
Zarna teaches Equine Positional Release classes, working with horses in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
Phone: 0407 184 403 
Email:  zarnacarter@hotmail.com
Jessica Blackwell, EBW
Equine Sports Massage, Laser Therapy & Ultrasound, Herbs
Mobile:  0407 850 033
Email:   equestricare@hotmail.com

Mandy Etherton 
(trimming/red light acupoint stimulation)
Strath Creek (will travel)
Phone: 0428  108  608
Email: mandy.etherton@clearmail.com.au

Natika Gough,   BOWEN Therapy for  Equines  (Equine & Rider packages available)
Equerry Horseservices
will travel
Phone: 0409 967 476   or  9 894 13 15
Email: natika@equerryhorseservices.com
Points to remember when engaging an Equine Hoof- or Health Care Provider:

1.    Always expect the highest standard of work(wo)manship / treatment delivery and Ethics.
2.    Do NOT accept any kind of abusive behaviour or aggression towards your horse or pony. EVER.
3.    Ask questions and expect answers that make sense and are based on sound and proven knowledge of biology, anatomy, physiology,  
      histology, and good  horsemanship principles. If it sounds like goobledeegook, it most likely is.
4.    If there is no improvement after a reasonable time of treatment or if there is a deterioration of the condition, DISCUSS this with your  
      hoof/healthcare provider and suggest the councel of another professional (second - or even third opinion)
5.    Be aware that frequent trimming may be necessary in some cases, but be warned that excessive OVER trimming by incompetent trimmers
      may render a horse with hooves that are too short to cope without boots. Ask questions especially when your trimmer prescribes boots as a
      matter of "barehoof fact" rather than  transitioning aid or aid for pathological hooves.  Boots should not be used simply to cover up a bad trim
      or replace nail on shoes. A healthy, well conditioned bare hoof does not need a boot.  Ask your hoofcare provider how to condition hooves 
      and what "biological limitations" are.
6.    Ensure your hoof/healthcare professional has had and COMPLETED sufficient VOCATIONAL training and is therefore accepted by a
      professional indemnity insurer.
7.    Watch his/her conduct and carefully observe your horse's welbeing while in his/her care.  Caveat emptor  -  Buyer beware
8.    ALWAYS be on your horse's side!  (and follow your instinct!)
Professional Conduct!
Practitioners, please read!
click to visit website
Denise Ferrugia 


Phone: (03) 55 271168

(Herbalist, Consultations, support treatments and supply of fresh and individualized mixes)
Kevin Thorburn, Equine Muscle Therapy & Massage, Injury Rehabilitation
Based Foster, will travel
Phone: 0408 334 313    or   56 822 348
When a veterinarian is needed: I highly recommend
Dr. Mike Tweedie    Tweedie & Associates

03 9596 1999
Dr. Becca Olszowy BSc BVMS
Mobile Holistic Veterinary Service Perth & Surrounds
Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Flower Essences, Seminars.
Mobile: 0419 930 529
Email: dr.bec@cherishedcreatures.com.au