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The Naked Hoof
The Horses Hoof
Old Macs
The Natural Horse Trim  (Gretchen Fathauser's resource pages)
Essential reading for all who want to help their laminitic/founder horses/ponies!)
Catherine Bird
(Herbalist, Consultations and support treatments)
Country Park Herbs  
(Herbs and natural supplements)
No Bit Bridles   (Australian made)
Institut für Hufheilpraktik & ganzheitliche Pferdebehandlung    (German)

My favourite forums:
Eques forum  (for friendly debate)
Cyberhorse forum (for strong nerves  ;-) )
Easy Care
Safer Grass  (Manage grazing - essential reading for founder management)
Australian Equine Arts
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

(feeling for horses personified - A German horse gentler)
Alexander Nevzorov and Lidia  Nevzorova

The Russian voice of horse liberation and Haute Ecole at Liberty - without force or even a bridle !
A "must see" website! - Check out the "Horse Trade Union" page and look those horses in the eye!
Carlos Tabernaberri    (based Victoria, Australia - international clinician)
Gifted "horse listerner", teacher and trainer, Whispering Acres
is located in Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia.
He starts, trains and re-trains horses with gentle methods and understanding. He helps human
and horse to develop the partnership we all "dream about". He also practises and encourages bit free
riding and is sponsored by my friends at NoBit Bridles (see link above)
Carlos has written his first book: "Through the Eyes of the Horse", (available through NoBit Bridles)
4year-old Sai and Carlos
Cavallo SIMPLE Boots
HorseConnection ("Barefoot" treeless saddles and more)
John The Vet   (Learn about hoof anatomy, laminitis and much more.)
A balanced view in all the confusion, presented by John Stewart MA VET MB MRVCS.
International Institute of Equine Podiatry, Inc.  (KC La Pierre)
General interest: Australian Natural Health & Lifestyle Directory
Bare Equine Australia  ("one stop" EasyCare boot fitting, service,sales and more)
Peter Laidely's Hoofworks (helpful trim advise and education)
Australian's Horse directory
Bare Hoof Australia
Trimming Education, Courses, Seminars Workshops, Mentorship
National Accreditation Course (Equine Hoofcare Professional)
Natural Horse World   (Tasmanian Cynthia Cooper's  colourful website about all that
should come naturally, be it learning about training, general care, and/or - of course -  hooves...)
Catherine Louise Birmingham    (based Victoria, Australia - international clinician)International Instructor and Pferdewirt, Equinoxe Equestrian
Equinoxe Equestrian is committed to making a significant contribution to equestrian sport in Australia, with a particular focus on dressage.
With an exemplary record of achieving the highest training accreditation, our resident dressage instructor, Catherine Birmingham, has a specific talent for communication and passionate dedication to her clients and their horses. Catherine's approach is a balance between left and right brain communication - with a synergy between logical, structured thinking and a gentle, holistic approach toward nurturing the growth of both horse and rider as one. She is focused on encouraging the principles of the German Training System.

Horse Service Directory
Luscious Leather (trimmer aprons and tool protectors)

Australian Brumby Research Unit
(University of Queensland - Pollitt/Hampson)
Zarna Carter Ortho Bionomy®
Equine Positional Release classes, working with horses in Australia, NZ and USA.
Thouroughbreds off the Track  (A website for Thouroughbreds and those who love them not just because they can race them!!!) Re-homing ads and much more....
Walkenny Park Herbs
Denise Ferrugia Herbalist & supplements, Riding Pony Stud and so much more

Michelle Despax (based Victoria - international clinician)
Teacher of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT)
NCAS Level II Coach -  Specialist Dressage                                 Diploma Horse Studies (Adelaide)
Certificate IV Workplace Trainer/Assessor (Chisholm)                   FEI rider

Michelle is the resident instructor at the fantastic venue "Arcacia Park" (Langwarrin South) but also travels nationally and internationally to conduct clinics and workshops to help the rider to develop greater body awareness, suppleness, coordination, improved muscle tone and greater sensitivity in relation to the horse. It is a skill that may be used to improve position and as a result, a more fluent application of the aids to promote a harmonious connection with the horse.
The Alexander Technique is a skill that can be learned and applied in daily activities improving balance and coordination. An educational process which facilitates greater understanding of how thought and movement impact on performance.