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........ I am Carola Adolf, NEP.  I am a  Naturopathic Equine Podiatrist, one of  the six qualified "Hufheilpraktiker” in Australia. I graduated  in 2003 through the German "Institut für Hufgesungheit und Ganzheitliche Pferdebehandlung" and have been working as professional hoofcare provider ever since. Besides looking after my own horses, I have a busy hoofcare practise with often challenging cases.  I specialize in the holistic rehabilitation of horses, ponies and donkies with severe soundness problems, such as diagnosed navicular disease, laminitis, founder and various hoof deformities. I have dedicated a significant part of my practice  to the education of horse owners and therefore help prevent soundness related problems  through better awareness and knowledge.  I am proud to be able to help many horse owners to making more educated decisions, questioning senseless traditions or confusing new trends and embracing the principles of nature. Many of my clients have become self sufficient and competent owner-trimmers, some have even become professionals themselves.     
 Through professional networking and offering professional development opportunities, as  well as mentoring new students and apprentices of hoof- and healthcare professions, I am part of a small group of qualified hoofcare professionals in Australia who not only have extensive practical experience of two decades in the field but also have an in-depth knowledge of Equine Podiatry which is based on the scientific knowledge of Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and practical trimming techniques which are applied with extreme care to fit the individual's needs.
The actual work on the hooves is only part of the holistic approach I have when I aim to improve or restore my patients' soundness. I am also a qualified and fully insured 
equine body therapist, using Extrazell Matrix and BIOSCAN technologies as well as applied MASTERSON and EMMETT "hands" on techniques.

This is what I practise and teach. 

Text, most pictures and graphics on this website are copyright C.Adolf. Some of the graphics/pictures came from unknown sources. If any copyrights have been breeched by using them, please contact the webmaster and we will acknowledge it/them or it/they will be removed immediately.  hoof.care@bigpond.com  Thank you!

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer on my website and that the 
information provided is of some help.
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You can contact me anytime via email:  Carola 

Contact details: 
Carola Adolf, NEP
Bass, Victoria, Australia 3991

mob.     0437 HUFAID 
            (0437 483 243)


(ABN 99 309 338751)
Marple Syrup, the perfect gentleman!
Advice and information on this site is given in good faith. EquineBarehoofCare (Carola Adolf, NEP) does not accept responsibility for any applications or misapplications of the information presented here. It is recommended that horse owners will get the opinions and services of qualified hoofcare providers who are familiar with physiologically correct trimming and holistic horse care, and work in conjunction with them and their veterinarians and/or holistic equine health care providers.
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